Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bonus Madagascar Spearfishing Segment

Frame grab from the bonus segment of a Dog tooth Tuna being Shot
 We have just finish up on a spearfishing trip to Madagascar, I took a couple cameras up, but the main focus was just to get photo's for my spearfishing magazine. The footage I did get was amazing and we have cut it down and made a bonus feature to go in the new dvd Onefish.
We actually did not shoot this Iggie and let him swim by.
There were so many fish we just let swim past as we were being very selective as there were some world class fish around. The short film is so action packed it will get your heart pumping.

I cant wait to see it on the big screen


Monday, September 20, 2010

Keep in Touch with One Fish via Facebook

Hey Guys,

We have a great page up on Facebook where we will be putting up some pics, video sneak peaks and more for the film One Fish. Just click the like button below ..easy peasy!

Monday, September 13, 2010

New Spearfishing DvD "One Fish" - First Draft

Hey Guys,

It is with much excitement that I finally get to write something on this blog!! I have been waiting to report on the progress of our new spearfishing film.
This weekend we sat down to view and crit the first rough draft, it was over 2 hours long!! Dont worry it will only be about 90min when we are finished.
Clip from the film - Austin Derry about to spear a White Sea Bass

This film is going to be the amazing ... and that not because I am involved in it. Its because we have 10 guys from around the world who have contributed their best spearfishing footage for the film.

Guys like Rob Torelli and his Tuna Worl Record; Cameron Kirkconnell and his World Spearfishing Record, and more. From giant Tuna and Sailfish to huge Atlantic Cod.
Clip from the film - Cameron Kirkconnell World Spearfishing Record Black Fin Tuna

All in all we have about 45 species and about 120 kill shots in the film! Its basically back to back spearfishing action all the way!
Clip from the film -Richard Balta World Record Gulf Groper

We are projecting to start pre-sales in the next week or so when we launch our dedicated web page. The dvd's should be finished mid November so that they can get posted out to the guys before Christmas.
Clip from the film -Chris Ananiadis huge Kubera Snapper

I will keep you in the loop.




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