Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mozambique TV Pilot & Spearfishing DVD Shoot.

The In The Zone team has just returned a week ago from a month shoot in Mozambique, where we completed filming the stock for two major projects for 2010.
The first project is the broadcast pilot for the TV series "Catch & Cook"  an adventure based hunting and cooking show. We are excited to get this highly entertaining project off the ground and get the ball rolling with the broadcasters.

The TV series "Catch & Cook" is more than a cooking show, its more of a rip roaring adventure though exotic locations culminating in a meal with the folk we meet along the way.
We have also raised the bar on this production, filming everything in full High Definition. This will enable us to open doors with the broadcasters from all the major networks and create a product like nothing else coming out of South Africa at this time.
We will be get the project onto the editing desk first thing in the new year, and will keep this blog updated with its progress.

The second project that we shot up in Mozambique was the sequel to the top selling "Good Times" spearfishing DVD, and because we had a full production team up for the TV pilot we were able to upgrade the quality of the footage 10 fold.

This next DVD still to be named will be an epic spearfishing show, with some amazing variation in species and locations. To top it all off we were able to shot on film and capture a massive Black Marlin over 500lb! This is a mammoth achievement and will set this next spearfishing DVD  up to be a world class production. The full sequence of the marlin being shot on film is also a first in spearfishing and will be a huge draw card for the production.
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