Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mozambique TV Pilot & Spearfishing DVD Shoot.

The In The Zone team has just returned a week ago from a month shoot in Mozambique, where we completed filming the stock for two major projects for 2010.
The first project is the broadcast pilot for the TV series "Catch & Cook"  an adventure based hunting and cooking show. We are excited to get this highly entertaining project off the ground and get the ball rolling with the broadcasters.

The TV series "Catch & Cook" is more than a cooking show, its more of a rip roaring adventure though exotic locations culminating in a meal with the folk we meet along the way.
We have also raised the bar on this production, filming everything in full High Definition. This will enable us to open doors with the broadcasters from all the major networks and create a product like nothing else coming out of South Africa at this time.
We will be get the project onto the editing desk first thing in the new year, and will keep this blog updated with its progress.

The second project that we shot up in Mozambique was the sequel to the top selling "Good Times" spearfishing DVD, and because we had a full production team up for the TV pilot we were able to upgrade the quality of the footage 10 fold.

This next DVD still to be named will be an epic spearfishing show, with some amazing variation in species and locations. To top it all off we were able to shot on film and capture a massive Black Marlin over 500lb! This is a mammoth achievement and will set this next spearfishing DVD  up to be a world class production. The full sequence of the marlin being shot on film is also a first in spearfishing and will be a huge draw card for the production.
For more on the trip read Chasing Tails - Spearfishing in Mozambique

Sunday, September 6, 2009

P.E Premier

 The guys got together down on the Eastern Cape and did a Premier for the DVD 'Good Times' the response actually quiet amazing!! This what Gletwyn Rubidge had to say

The DVD was great - different from the normal - I like the dad coaching son stuff I relate to it in my own son. The energetic and motivated tone is uplifting to the viewer and it is a movie you can let the wives watch too and they will also be captivated. ..........

Cheers for now

Monday, August 17, 2009

Spearfishing DVD Sales

Sales for the DVD Good Times are going really well. We delivered an order for 1000 DVD already and local sales are ticking over every day. We hope to have our international payment system up in the next few days and we will be able to receive international sales.

Will keep you posted, here is a little promo we did ..Enjoy

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good Times DVD Available!!

The DVD Good Times is now available!!
There is this really cool special on through the
Ultimate Spearfishing Magazine.
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

DVD Going to Glass Master


I know this has taken too long, but the DVD is finally getting the glass master made and all going well our first box of 1300 DVD will be ready with in 2 weeks!!

Freaken Excited


Thursday, June 11, 2009

D Day!! For Good Times Spearfishing DVD

Well today is the day!! The final DVD should arrive at the post office this arvo. Its been a long time coming .... a long long time!!
From here we have some negotiations with some of our resellers as to how many units we make on the first run. Then its off to get the master done.

I showed the DVD (the last revision I had) to Gyula Plaganyi is was good to see his response to the film. He sent me this comment in a mail:
"More than just a fish movie with music. The best "feel good" spearo movie to come out of dive or not to dive ! This video answers that question."

This pretty much sums it up ... very stoked.

Off to going make some final changes to the DVD cover



Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cant Wait Any More!!

Today is the DAY!! The final DVD should land in my post box this arvo!! I cant wait to see it ..... itching.........


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spearfishing DVD - Good Times

The DVD design for the Spearfishing DVD Good Times

The time has come!! we have finally completed everything and the final compilation is being done this week. That means that we will have the final DVD done by this weekend!! The project will then go to get made into a glass master before we can start pressing copies of the DVD. This whole process will probably be a couple weeks!

We did show a couple guys the rough cut version this is what Chris West from Wahoo Dive Club had to say:

 “ Best edited and presented action packed
 spearing dvd yet”

We are super stoked with the response, it was exactly what we were after.

So excited to get the DVD out now.......


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spearfishing DVD Premier

Well the Spearfishing dvd has finally made to the Premier!! 

Last nite we showed the completed DVD Good Times for the first time, it still has a few minor little tweaks but basically it is exactly were we want it.
We showed the dvd to a small group of guys to get some feedback and gauge their response to the film. We invited Rob Allen and his wife, Steve Ellis from Fibretech & Xfins, Stuart Donkin from Marlin Marine - he makes our water housings. Chris west from Wahoo Spearfishing Club and Clint Friend and his wife - he's the guy who wrote the original music for the film.

The film just sucks you in and before we knew it the hour was over and there was a round of applause and loads of complements flying. It was the response we were looking for, we were very nervous not knowing how people would respond. But we are very confident at the moment and super excited to do the final touches and get the whole package with extras burnt to glass master.

Then to top it all off we had dinner with Rob and his wife, and it looks like the Dive Factory will take 1000units on the first order!! That right there makes the 18months of grind worth it!

Keep you in touch


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spearfishing DVD - the end is near!!

Hey Guys,

Today we reached a major milestone in the Spearfishing Epic "Good Times".
All the color correcting and sound was completed and almost all the music was scored and recoreded. Tomorrow it all gets sent off to the Matt our resedent editing guru, to put all back together and burn to disc for the first viewing of the completed main feature on Saturday evening.

This has been an mostorous project, the main feature is an hour long and has taken over 18months to complete. The music alone has 13 origonal pieces of music all written specifically for the film. .... I dont think there is a single spearfishing film out there that has this amount of attention to detail.

But just see some of the complete segments, complete with music left me with goose bums ..... I cant wait to have the whole project complete.

Will keep you in the loop,


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Great News

Well the DVD is finally on the final home streach! The Final edits are almost complete and the first segments went to our muzo for music and extra sound effects.

This means that we are about a month from completing the main feature, it will take a week or so to put all the etras and the feature together for the final render and then we are done!!!!

Hold thumbs ....




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