Monday, September 22, 2008

Spearfishing DVD Countdown

Hey guys,

Though I would give you an update on were we are with the spearfishing DVD Video.

Reality hit home when we realised that there are only 28days left before we need to have the DVD completed. I spent the whole of Saturday on the final edits of seg 1-6. We are a little behind on this so the pressure is on!! We have also decided to totally redo the final segments, just felt that it needed to go from 100% to 110%. (its kind of been or moto ..everything gets 110% effort)

So stick with us!! 28 days left!!

Nail biting stuff


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Spearfishing DVD Video Trailer Released

Finally!! Here is our DVD Trailer / Teaser for our Spearfishing Epic Good Times.
We are 2months from the official launch, and every one involved is getting amped to see the final cut. Check this out ....& share it with the mates.



In The Zone - Spearfishing DVD Video - In Search of 'Good Times'

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

In Search of Good Times

We have added the tag line "In search of" to the title of the Spearfishing DVD Good Times. This comes as there is real feeling that the whole emphasis of the dvd is actually about seeking and searching out that adventure or big moment.

I think any Spearo will identify with the emotions and anticipation of an epic trip, or even the regular weekend spearfishing trip. And I am sure the guys will also identify with loosing that big one or missing an opportunity of a lifetime. I missed a sailly on the trip, it was like the sea opened up and swallowed me! I had not shot a sailly before and the oppertunity came, I blew it and it just floored me. I was seriously depressed ... so you can imagine the flip side later when I did eventually get one ....... well the footage says it all!

Anyway the DVD will still be called Good Times it was. But we are going to throw in there "In Search of G......"

Cant wait to share the finished story with you.

Coatesman ...... still searching!



Vimeo Spearfishing Videos